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How it works (FAQ)

How far ahead should I book my yard party?

Two weeks is preferred to ensure we have inventory to customize request. Four weeks or more preferred for highly customized sign.

How do I book my Yard Card Party?

Planning your Yard Card Party is easy! 

Choose a package, fill out the booking request form, and leave the rest to us! We will contact you within 48 hours to finalize details. An invoice will be sent via email to you. Your payment* will confirm your booking and put you on our schedule. If you do not receive an invoice or estimate, please check your spam. If you still do not see it, please contact us. Invoices are automatically cancelled after 48 hours. 

*You are paying for a 24 hour rental. Yard signs are owned by DOUBLE sTAKE YARD PARTIES,LLC and not available for purchase.

The Business Stuff… Not to be a "party pooper", but we have to say it, before we Stake it. 

Where is your delivery area?

FREE DELIVERY within 10 miles of 23321 Dock Landing Rd.

10 miles to location is 40 miles total for the job (install and pick up)

11-15 miles $20 delivery fee

16-25 miles $30 delivery fee

Over 25 miles contact for quote

(delivery fee is based on current gas prices and  mileage outside of our free delivery zone)

Do I need to prep my yard?

Please make sure the ground where the display is to be installed is well watered. If the ground is too hard, the stakes will be difficult to set. We can not guarantee installation if the lawn is not watered.  If the ground is frozen, we may modify the sign and place on stands if desired. Please do not mow or weed-eat near the display, as it can damage the signs. Cut off water sprinklers during the time our sign will be in your yard. Any damage to yard signs will be invoiced at current replacement rate.

What are the procedures for delivery?

Prior to delivery, you will receive a reminder email and or text message. Exact time of yard card delivery cannot be guaranteed. Your friendly DOUBLE sTAKE Twins will install your greeting display between 6;30 PM and 9;30 PM the night before desired date. Leave on a light and alert neighbors that we will be in the yard. If this is a surprise, please make arrangements for the recipient to be away during install time. We will no longer be offering late night set ups due to safety concerns. We can set up signs during the day, just let us know your requests and we will do our best to accommodate. Signs can not be installed during high winds or if the ground is too dry or hard due to lack of rain or watering.  

If you are purchasing your greeting as a surprise for an address other than your own, we require that you notify someone in that household that we will be on their property. Do you think your recipient will appreciate a surprise greeting? There have been incidents where signs have been pulled up and thrown away. Fortunately, we have not had that happen to us. We want this to be a pleasant surprise and do not want to startle anyone. This is also important for our safety. Ring door bell notifications and motion lights may go off while we are in the yard. 

If desired, we will text you a picture immediately after we have installed the display. Please contact us if you have any questions. We want to make sure you are totally satisfied.


We encourage you to take pictures and video of your display and share on social media. Please tag us @doublestakeyardparties.

Party in Your Yard:

For the safety of everyone, do not touch, lean on, or play around the signs. They cannot safely support any weight or pressure.

Do not remove or throw away any signs. If your yard card display needs to be removed before your removal time, please contact us, and we will take care of it ASAP. 

If you have any outdoor pets, be sure to keep them safely away from the display. 

Do not attach anything to the display.

Signs will be picked up approximately 24 hours after they were installed unless extra days were purchased or other arrangements were made.


DOUBLE sTAKE YARD PARTIES takes photos of installed displays for posting on our social media. We are careful to not include addresses in photos. You are authorizing us to post this picture(s).

We will place a small sign in your yard with our contact info. This sign is unobtrusive to your custom greeting.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We will not be able to set up or take down the display under severe, hazardous weather or hazardous conditions including but not limited to hail, lightning and excessive wind. 

We will do our very best to make alternative scheduling arrangements, but if we are  unable to set up a greeting due to severe weather, you will receive a full refund.

If you must cancel your greeting, you must do so at least 48 hours  prior to your scheduled delivery in order to receive a full refund. 

If the incorrect address is provided, refunds will not be issued, if sign has been installed. Addresses are taken directly from your booking request form. Please, please, please double check the address, before submitting your request form. You are accepting all liability, if we place your yard card greeting in the wrong yard, due to you providing us with the wrong address. To avoid this mistake, be sure to describe the property on the booking request form and text us a photo the day of installation. 

Refunds will not be issued if we are denied access to a gated community, or if animals prevent installation. We will do our best to reach you, if this happens.


DOUBLE sTAKE YARD PARTIES and its representatives are not responsible or liable for any personal injury or property damage that may occur by the placement of our signs.

We reserve the right to decline greetings. Our mission is to spread joy, encouragement, and fun in our community.

If this party is not being placed in your yard, please forward these policies to the party recipient after delivery, as you are responsible for any damage to our signs.

All Done… Time to Party on! We look forward to bringing the party to your yard. 

You Say it, Twins Stake it

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